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Paramore's former lead guitarist has lashed out at the band he helped create, slamming frontwoman Hayley Williams and Atlantic Records for exploiting the other members. According to Josh Farro, who Who is hayley from paramore hookup Paramore inthe group is "a manufactured product of a major label, riding on the coattails of 'Hayley's dream'".

For fans of Paramore, the band's crisis has "Who is hayley from paramore hookup" abrupt and dramatic. Last week, they were finishing a major tour for their hugely successful third album, Brand New Eyes. But on Saturday, the group announced the departure of Josh Farro and his brother Zacwho played drums.

In a blogpost published on Tuesday, Farro challenged Paramore's purported ambivalence, painting the portrait of a dysfunctional band led by a craven frontwoman.


Farro's 1,word screed quotes the bible, criticises Williams's behaviour and tells a Paramore origin story rather different than the one on Wikipedia. There was initially a degree of confusion over whether or not Farro's blog post was genuine, with Paramore's label dismissing it as a "fake".

However Farro has since posted a YouTube clip vouching for the authenticity of the post. To make matters even more confusing this video was Who is hayley from paramore hookup from YouTube although fans have since posted another version.

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According to Farro's version of events, Paramore started without Williams — but within months of bringing her in as a singer, it had become "all about [her]". The frontwoman allegedly had a deal with Atlantic, and although the rest of Paramore were hired as Who is hayley from paramore hookup backing musicians, the label only begrudgingly recognised them "[as] an actual band". Even after Farro began sharing songwriting credits, he and the other members were often "ignored and pushed around" by Atlantic and Williams's reps.

Paramore's former lead guitarist has...

Things didn't improve as the band became more successful. Williams's father, Paramore's tour manager "would constantly threaten to 'pull the plug' on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist".

There was also the matter of faith. Farro suggests Williams has undergone a spiritual drift away from Christianity. Many of the lyrics on Brand New Eyes "were really negative and we didn't agree with [them]", he wrote.

We fought her about how [Hayley's] lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood "Who is hayley from paramore hookup," but in the end she got her way. Despite this, Farro seems optimistic. If music is what God calls us to in the future, we hope that you all will be a part of it. Pop and rock news. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 Who is hayley from paramore hookup. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Hayley Williams of Paramore and Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory got engaged on Christmas Day. Paramore's After Laughter surprised a lot of people, and some fans are still getting used to the synth-filled album, but Hayley is making sure.

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