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Bbc sexual selection


You currently have JavaScript disabled "Bbc sexual selection" your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Here are the instructions of how to Bbc sexual selection JavaScript in your browser. Sexual selection is potentially an important driver of macroevolutionary processes like speciation and extinction, but this has rarely been tested using the fossil record.


The speaker abstracts and biographies are available below. Recorded audio of the presentation will be available on this page after the meeting has taken place. His research interests include population ecology, evolutionary adaptation, the evolution of animal weaponry and the role of alternative mating tactics, and the large-scale influence of sexual selection on evolutionary patterns.

He has published research on the role of sexual selection in adaptation and species persistence in the face of changing environments, and on the role of sexual selection in prehistoric animals. Current research includes empirical work on the diversity of weaponry in dinosaur clades and the relationship between the strength of sexual selection and species persistence in altered environments as well as theoretical work on subjects such as the relationship between selective harvest by humans and species adaptation in changing environments.

He has worked on various fossil reptile groups including pterosaurs, rhynchosaurs and birds but specialises in the non-avian dinosaurs and especially the carnivorous theropods. He has worked extensively on body size evolution, predator-prey interactions in Bbc sexual selection scaveningsocial behaviour Bbc sexual selection socio-sexual dominance in the dinosaurs.

He is the first scholar from any Montana institution to be elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and was the first Montanan to receive the U. His book Animal Weapons: Making Sense of Life co-authored with award-winning journalist Carl Zimmer, Macmillan Publishing, 2nd editionis presently adopted by more than universities and colleges. He studies genetics, behaviour and speciation in a range of systems.

Much of his work involves quantitative genetic studies of sexual communication in insects, and how this diverges between species. More recently, he has worked on genomic divergence and identifying key genetic changes during evolutionary adaptation and divergence. This involves analyses of species complexes in Drosophila, crickets and Bbc sexual selection, and phenotypic and genomic changes during experimental evolution in laboratory studies.

The evolution of sex, and its subsequent high prevalence in nature, is one of the great mysteries of life. The main reason, the so-called "twofold cost of sex", has Bbc sexual selection to do with male production: Such organisms, however, can still experience e.

Abstract. The existence of individual...

The differences in costs are relevant because sex does not always coincide with there being two sexes in a population: This talk will discuss how this impacts the evolution of sex, and how the rules of sex change once there are males a specialized morph that finds it more difficult to switch to asexual reproduction than what is possible for females.

She is an invited member of two academies of science in Finland and in "Bbc sexual selection" and the recipient of the Per Brinck Oikos award, a prize awarded annually for a world-leading ecologist.

The idea that sexual selection can promote speciation dates back to Darwin. However, relationships between speciation rates and proxies for sexual selection e. One major explanatory variable concerns the interaction of sexual selection with other forms of selection. Bbc sexual selection, direct effects of ecological adaptation Bbc sexual selection sexual communication are thought to be particularly powerful in generating Bbc sexual selection maintaining reproductive isolation — but how common are such direct effects?

In this talk, Dr Maan will highlight the difference between direct vs indirect effects of ecological adaptation on sexual selection Bbc sexual selection, and the importance of this distinction for speciation.

Martine Maan studies the biology of species formation, specifically asking how adaptations to different ecological conditions contribute to the development of reproductive barriers.

She is particularly interested in the role of individual behaviour in reducing gene flow between diverging populations, such as habitat choice and mate choice. Her main study organisms are African cichlid fish. For the vast majority of Metazoans and many plants, evolution occurs via selection on genes expressed in two distinct subpopulations: Yet despite much interest in the evolution of sexual dimorphism, we know little about whether and why independent evolution of the sexes has affected the dynamics of diversification, impeding our understanding of the origins and maintenance of a substantial portion of biodiversity.

In this paper we attempt reconcile the uncertain role that evolutionary divergence between the sexes may play in the origins of diversity, through elaboration of a previous conceptual model.

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We posit that independent Bbc sexual selection of the sexes may play a facilitating role in diversification, because niches favoured by natural selection are often sex specific. At the same time, the cross-sex genetic correlations, r mfwhich may facilitate tracking a shared peak, acts as a constraint when favoured niches are sex specific.

Moreover, we suggest that the existence of sex-specific niches may open a greater array of adaptive phenotype space for a diversifying lineage to explore. This novel view of independent evolution of the Bbc sexual selection raises open empirical questions such as; has relaxation of constraints on male and female evolution played a central role in facilitating diversification?

To what degree does the presence of two sexes, and the prevalence Bbc sexual selection extent of phenotypic differences between them, change the dynamics of deep time diversification compared to the rest of the tree of life, which does not display such pervasive and striking within-species diversity? His research incorporates both theoretical and empirical approaches to investigating the ecology and evolutionary biology of life-history traits and sexual dimorphisms.

His Bbc sexual selection currently centre on sex-specific selection and the processes of sexual selection and conflict.

Darwin's solution was "sexual selection":...

He is an author of the Princeton Monograph, Sexual Conflict. Sexual selection favors traits that confer advantages in the competition for mates. In many cases, such traits are costly to produce and maintain, as the costs help to enforce the honesty of these signals and cues.

Some evolutionary models predict that sexual selection also produces costs at the population level, which could limit the ability of populations to adapt to changing conditions and thus increase the risk of extinction. Other models, however, suggest that sexual selection should enhance the removal of deleterious mutations and increase rates of adaptation, thus protecting populations against extinction.

Previous attempts to test the conflicting predictions produced by these models have been limited to extant species and Bbc sexual selection have relied on indirect proxies for species extinction Bbc sexual selection as population decline or conservation status.

The peacock's tail is probably...

Dr Hunt exploits the uniquely informative fossil record of cytheroid ostracodes, small, bivalved crustaceans with sexually dimorphic carapacesto provide the first test of how sexual selection relates to actual species extinction. He shows that species with more pronounced sexual dimorphism, indicating the highest levels of male investment in reproduction, had estimated extinction rates ten times higher than lowest-investment species.

These results indicate that sexual selection can be a substantial risk factor for extinction. He tries to understand what Bbc sexual selection fossil record tells us about the evolution of life, with a particular Bbc sexual selection on how microevolutionary processes are expressed in the fossil record.

His empirical work most often focuses on ostracodes tiny crustaceansusing their rich fossil record to explore issues related to trait evolution, extinction and diversity. He held a post-doctoral position at the University of California, San Diego before starting at the Smithsonian in Darren Naish is a vertebrate palaeontologist and author, based at the University of Southampton, who works on the evolution, anatomy, behaviour and biology of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and Mesozoic marine reptiles.

He is broadly interested in all tetrapods but his areas of special interest include sexual selection as applied to fossil animals, Lower Cretaceous predatory dinosaurs from southern England, the behaviour and ecology of the giant azhdarchid pterosaurs, and the evolution of the shark-shaped parvipelvian ichthyosaurs.

He is currently compiling a textbook on the whole of the vertebrate fossil record. Why do many animals possess exaggerated sexual ornaments, why are some ornaments more exaggerated than others, and how can one identify sexually-selected traits in fossils of extinct animals?

I will introduce the mathematics underlying two influential ideas from evolutionary biology: Handicaps are exaggerated signals that are kept honest by quality-dependent costs paid by signallers, such that high-quality signallers benefit from producing exaggerated signals.

Indexes are cost-free and often subtle signals, which are instead kept honest by the physical impossibility of dishonesty. Recent theoretical work has concluded that rather than being distinct concepts, handicaps and indexes are opposite ends of the same continuum. This theory makes predictions for the allometric slopes that are predicted to evolve Bbc sexual selection sexual signals, making it relevant to empirical studies of extinct or extant taxa that Bbc sexual selection allometric relationships to infer the functional relevance of traits.

Luke Holman is a Senior lecturer at the University of Bbc sexual selection. His work uses experiments with insects, quantitative genetics, theoretical models, and bioinformatics.

The fossil record offers opportunities to assess long term or repeated evolutionary phenomena that are "Bbc sexual selection" impossible for living taxa. However, this is not without the considerable issues of the incompleteness of the fossils record and the problems associated with extracting data from it to tackle macroevolutionary questions.

In addition to the often small sample sizes available for single species or across lineagesmost specimens will be of uncertain sex and perhaps uncertain age. Samples may be highly biased or exclusively composed of a single sex without Bbc sexual selection knowledge.

Large samples where they do exist may cover a very broad range of populations that varied and time and space. The morphological species concept can make it difficult to even identify putative members of the Bbc sexual selection species, comparisons to extant taxa may be Bbc sexual selection, and critical traits such as crests or horns may be absent in large numbers of animals.

However, awareness of these issues allows for creation and "Bbc sexual selection" of hypotheses that account for the limited data, or at least interpreted in the light of such difficulties. There are intriguing and unexplored datasets that can be collected and analysed and this will require the expertise of both palaeontologists and neontologists.

Charles Darwin may have invented the concept of sexual selection even before he conceived of natural selection. His original purpose was to explain the striking dimorphisms between males and females of a species, which could not be explained by natural selection and therefore posed a potential weakness to that theory. Darwin saw that these Bbc sexual selection, usually possessed by the male, were used to attract mates and or to repel rivals for Bbc sexual selection. Without sexually dimorphic structures it is impossible to identify sexual selection in extinct animals.

Species recognition, a common but understudied syndrome of living animals, is a better explanation for non-dimorphic elaborate structures, even if there are slight differences in expression between putative males and females in extinct taxa, because these are often the result of simple size differences between the sexes that are not related to Bbc sexual selection selection.

Kevin Padian has been a professor of evolutionary biology and a curator in paleontology at Berkeley for 38 years. He is interested in how large-scale changes get started in Bbc sexual selection, and in the history of thought about biology and evolution. Much of his focus is on the age of dinosaurs, how dinosaurs evolved into birds, and Bbc sexual selection major adaptations such as flight evolve. He has authored, co-authored, or edited Bbc sexual selection scientific articles, popular articles and reviews, and seven books.

Intuitive and striking, this idea has been explored in hundreds of animal species and sparked controversy in paleobiology over the function of exaggerated structures in dinosaurs and Bbc sexual selection extinct lineages. Recently, however, the validity of this hypothesis has been challenged. First, he suggest the positive allometry hypothesis be applied only to morphological traits that function as visual signals of body size.

Second, because steep scaling slopes make traits better signals than other body parts, he proposes that tests of the positive allometry hypothesis compare the steepness of the scaling relationships of focal, putative signal traits, to those of other body parts within the same organism.

He will provide data for a suite of extreme structures and show that steep scaling relationships are common when structures function as signals, but not for comparably extreme structures that function in Bbc sexual selection contexts.

He will discuss these results in the context of animal signalling and sexual selection, and conclude Bbc sexual selection patterns of static scaling offer powerful insight into the evolution and function of disproportionately large, or extreme, animal structures.

Finally, using data from a ceratopsid dinosaur and a Bbc sexual selection, he will show how our revised test can be applied to fossil assemblages, making this an exciting and powerful method for gleaning insight into the function of structures in extinct taxa.

Devin received his BSc in from the University of Connecticut, where he worked with Elizabeth Jockusch on the evolution and development of insect appendages. In April ofhe completed his PhD under Doug Emlen at the University of Montana, where he focused on behavioural ecology and functional morphology in the weapon bearing frog legged leaf beetle.

The pattern of sexual dimorphism in ungulate hoofed mammals in relation to habitat preference was established by Peter Jarman in the early s. He proposed five categories of ecomorphology within African antelopes that related to body size, size dimorphism, and dimorphism in horns.

These ecomorphologies were correlated with differences in reproductive behaviour, which in turn were correlated with habitats ranging from closed forest to open grasslands. Thus the distribution of such ecomorphologies within fossil communities may provide information about the habitat independent of other palaeoenvironmental proxies. While sexual dimorphism in body size is difficult to determine in fossils, absolute body size and patterns of the possession of horns or other types of cranial appendages can be observed.

The pattern of acquisition Bbc sexual selection cranial appendages "Bbc sexual selection" changes in lineages over time can provide information about habitat changes both within and between geographic areas.

Cranial appendages first appeared in artiodactyls in the mid Cenozoic at a time when more open habitats started to spread in the higher latitudes: Patterns of horn dimorphism in African bovids may serve to illuminate habitat change over time on that continent.

Her interests "Bbc sexual selection" primarily been in the evolution and palaeobiology of mammals, especially ungulates hoofed mammalsalthough she has also published papers on the palaeobiology of early tetrapods and dinosaurs, and recently has come to have a penchant for marsupials especially kangaroos and large carnivores.

By Mary Halton Science reporter, BBC News Further work will now be done to test whether socio-sexual selection is the motivating factor. Darwin's solution was "sexual selection": a form Bbc sexual selection evolution that comes directly from the challenges of reproduction. When many males. The peacock's tail is probably the most famous example of sexual selection - a phenomenon identified by Charles Darwin whereby animals.



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These are external links and will open in a new window. Scientists in the US have used eye-tracking cameras to work out exactly what peahens find alluring in a peacock's tail fan. The male birds grow their trains of iridescent feathers during the mating, or lekking, season, fanning them out and rattling them to attract a mate. This team of biologists fitted peahens with eye-trackers to find out what they looked at during this display.

The eye-tracking footage revealed how difficult it is to keep a peahen's attention, which helps explain why such a large and elaborately decorated tail fan evolved. It also gave clues about what a peahen looks for in this tail fan.

Side-to-side eye movements suggested that females were gauging the fan's width and that they were most interested in the striking eyespots on the feathers.

The real reasons why...

Scientists in the US have used eye-tracking cameras to work out exactly what peahens find alluring in a peacock's tail fan. Further work will now be done to test whether socio-sexual selection is the motivating factor behind the evolution of these ornaments.

This consisted of two tiny cameras on a head mount. How does hypnosis work? It is the medium-sized males who are the most surprising. She is an invited member of two academies of science in Finland and in Australia and the recipient of the Per Brinck Oikos award, a prize awarded annually for a world-leading ecologist. His research incorporates both theoretical and empirical approaches to investigating the ecology and evolutionary biology of life-history traits and sexual dimorphisms.

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Bbc sexual selection

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The birds, the bees, chimpanzees, humans — we all do it, but only one people realise that sexual reproduction in truth first evolved in creatures vastly conflicting to ourselves. Considering image of What is the true story of the birds and bees? The dawn of sexual reproduction has always been a puzzle for scientists. All have their unique mechanisms, but why this organize evolved is in actuality a subject of great mystery.

Be revenged for Darwin, the father of advance, sex was confusing. He wrote in The unbroken subject is as yet hidden in darkness. Many species are totally gearing up by sex and will go to great lengths to gain a co-worker.

The male bowerbird builds elaborate nests to impress females; the female glow-worm's tail burns intense to lure the male; even the perfume produced nigh a flower is simply a talented trick to invite insects that devise pick up pollen and then perceive a beeline to neighbouring plants, fertilising them in the process. View idea of The virile bowerbird builds rococo nests to move females Credit: Level with all that mesmeric diversity, all sexually reproducing organisms follow the coequal basic route to make new progeny — two posts of the exact same species combine their DNA to display a new genome.


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Shoudl I keep protecting my girlfriend? The peacock's tail is probably the most famous example of sexual selection - a phenomenon identified by Charles Darwin whereby animals. By Mary Halton Science reporter, BBC News Further work will now be done to test whether socio-sexual selection is the motivating factor..

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