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Psychopathia sexualis book summary


The book went through twelve different editions, with this Arcade edition being a translation of the twelfth. The bulk of the text consists of case studies of sexual deviancy. Originally, Krafft-Ebing published some of the case material in Latin, in an attempt to protect ordinary people from its contents.

Still, contemporaries noted, with disgust, the book sold far too well for all its buyers to be physicians. Clearly, many people were reading the text in the hope of finding pornographic material. This Arcade edition too will no doubt mostly be read by over-sexed and overly-intellectual adolescents in search of Psychopathia sexualis book summary disgusting and depraved.

After all, those with an academic interest in such texts do not constitute a sufficient market for it to be published in paperback. This being said, readers in search of porn can be advised to look elsewhere. Psychopathia Sexualis does indeed list and describe every form of sexual deviancy one can think of, and then some, but for the most part the case studies are very short, and the prose is dry and often obscure.

In a forward to this edition, Joseph LoPiccolo, a sex therapist, suggests that Krafft-Ebing might be read today Psychopathia sexualis book summary those troubled by their sexual feelings or practices, and by the health professionals who seek to treat them.

Psychopathia Sexualis was written over a hundred years ago, and its age shows. Krafft-Ebing, and his contemporaries, believed that masturbation was the root of almost all sexual problems, that women are naturally inclined to masochism, and that cunnilingus is amongst the most depraved of all sexual practices.

Still, Psychopathia Sexualis is a book worth reading. Krafft-Ebing forces one to think about normal and deviant sexual practices in new ways.

His case studies shed light on a world in which people seem to have thought about sex in ways quite different from us. At the current time, I guess, most people think it normal to masturbate, normal to have sex with their spouse prior to marriage, but somewhat deviant to visit prostitutes. Masturbation, it was thought, caused all kinds of Psychopathia sexualis book summary and physical ills — ranging from impotence, to mental weakness.

Krafft-Ebing is also, of course, interesting for what he shows about sexual abnormalities. When sexual deviants are portrayed in the media they tend to be depicted as being utterly unlike us consider stories concerning paedophiles, for example. One of the most interesting case studies, case studyconcerns a man who would nowadays be considered transsexual. I cannot go with bare hands, as both heat and cold trouble Psychopathia sexualis book summary. He has Psychopathia sexualis book summary wearing trousers as his female abdomen cannot stand the pressure.

Currently it is thought that paedophiles are almost exclusively men. Assuming that his cases are reliable, this raises interesting questions. Is the gender incidence of paedophilia affected by culture?

Or, are there still women paedophiles today, but they escape recognition? The introductory editorial material is scanty and uninformative; even the original date of publication is omitted. Many of the technical terms used by Krafft-Ebing are obscure. Whether there are subtle differences between these acts is unclear. Explanations of the meanings of such terms would be useful, but are not provided.

To sum up, Psychopathia Sexualis should be read by those interested in the history of ideas of sexual normality and deviance. While of great interest, however, the text is frequently obscure, and this edition lacks sufficient editorial commentary. Rachel CooperPh. We feature over in-depth reviews of a wide range of books and DVDs written by our reviewers from many backgrounds and perspectives.

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that Krafft-Ebing's medical book provided an exciting erotic sti. The real interest of During his lifetime, Krafft-Ebing revised Psychopathia Sexualis Psychopathia sexualis book summary times: the In summary then, The Well of Loneliness is neither an apologetic text that. Psychopathiac Sexualis, written inwas one of the landmark books in the history of psychology. It was the first academic handling of the subject of sexuality .

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