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Dave canfield midget race car

Pron Pictures Dave canfield midget race car.

The South Boston Gazette-Virginian carried a photo of Ken Rush in victory lane with a note that the rain mentioned by Dennis Andrews held down the crowd.

Prior to the race, the same paper carried an ad and a brief canned preview:.

There is film posted from the Lloyd Moore collection of the September 23, race at Dayton, but haven't found any Canfield. I've been fascinated by the photos Dennis Garrett has posted of sports cars racing at Martinsville.

While trying to find some info about that event, I stumbled into something else.

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In a story about Martinsville Speedway it was revealed that the first driver to turn a hot lap on the new track had a son who would go on to race stock cars. It wasn't Lee Petty and it wasn't Buck Baker.


The race car wasn't even a stock car. According to a story partially excerpted on the history of Martinsville in a issue of the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, the first driver to turn hot laps at Martinsville Dave canfield midget race car a race car was Socrates "Shorty" Johns of Miami, Florida, a champion midget racer who was accompanied by his young son, Bobby Johns.

The Dave canfield midget race car was a midget and Shorty was enroute to a midget race in Roanoke, Virginia. Tragically, Shorty Johns would be murdered in Maimi in during a holdup at the Johns' race shop. For many years, people seemed to forget that the France family held a half interest in the Martinsville track from day 1, often accounting for favorable dates and decisions relating to the beautiful venue.

That was also mentioned in the Fredericksburg story. It was no secret back then. I noticed in searching around that last fall the former General Manager of Nashville Superspeedway identified Robb Sexton and NeXovation as a likely tenant of a speculative project he now heads in the Knoxville area. These strange bedfellows just seem to attract each other:.

In contrast, year-old Hawk is now developing Cherokee Farm Innovation Campu s, adjoining the Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee -- a project that could take a generation. Rumors abound in the Knoxville area regarding which company is likely to become the first commercial tenant of the tech-commercialization and innovation-oriented campus. His corporation is a subsidiary of the nonprofit University of Tennessee Research Foundation, and the riverside property sits between the main UT campus and its Medical Center.

Hawks did, however, feel comfortable telling VTC that Cherokee Farm is "going to be another very strong indicator of the fact that the East Tennessee region is home to a very high tech business environment; and, I'm Dave canfield midget race car that Cherokee Farm innovation campus can be one of the components that is ultimately a real game-changer for the region.

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Hawks said its targeted anchor tenant is a business "that fits the mission of the campus and will have a strong working relationship within the respective college of the university.

And, he said, the tenant-in-prospect plans to do a lot more than rent the 3K to 5K square feet of space that many businesses seek.

) was a midget car...

Tenants who eventually land at what began as a farm for UT agricultural research are likely to assign high priority to such nearby computational, analytics, materials sciences, energy, climate modeling and drug-discovery resources, said Hawks. With Hawks' second anniversary on the job approachingKnoxville Metro Pulse Scripps Media recently ran an editorial expressing concern regarding rumors that the park's first full-bore commercial tenant is likely to be a local company that evacuates Knoxville's core, rather than a true newcomer.

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Hawks told VTC that Dave canfield midget race car Pulse did not contact him for comment, and denied that the a deal has been done with an incumbent downtown Knoxville company. Guided by the criteria Hawks very generally describedVTC research turned-up a company that -- at least logically -- seems to compare well with Hawks' guidance: Nashville- and Germany-based NeXovationwhich describes itself as a "global, multi-industry innovation company.

NeXovation's product portfolio reflects its strong analytical and intellectual property emphases, and other requirements that generally seem to correspond well with research and tech-transfer programs at both Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee.

In addition, NeXovation has a Southeast footprint of the sort that Hawks mentioned. NeXovation is the company that recently bought the Nashville Superspeedway that was previously managed by Hawks.

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I see that NeXovation's news releases are written by a lady who shares the same last name as the CEO. And NeXovation's initial "pie in the sky" bid to buy Germany's Nurburgring was turned down Dave canfield midget race car they profess that they aren't being taken seriously by European Union members with their "unique" financing proposal to purchase that historic venue. Nothing like having the freedom to "work with an alternate lender.

I started to ask member, Billy Biscoe what gaskets he ran, but I fugued he'd just tell us he made his own! Guess they've been priced out of the contingency decal game.

Ottinger of Newport, Tennessee. McCord Gaskets itself had one time dabbled in car sponsorship, with Ken Ragan, father of current Cup driver, David Ragan carrying McCord Gaskets colors on his own father's car, as well as the ride owned by Roger Hamby.

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Fel-Pro Gaskets, another player in the stock car game, back in was sponsoring Tom Jones. No, not Tom Jones the singer or the subject of the bawdy s movie.

Sometimes it didn't matter how good your product was. If there was substantial cash involved, most chicken farmers around Ingle Hollow and Ronda, NC would choose the cash Dave canfield midget race car over loyalty.

That's right, I said NO engine gaskets. Back inthe sealant company, Permatex, long known for its sponsorship of the Permatex at Daytona contracted with "Mr. Modified" Hendrick of Richmond to test out a Pinto Modified with no gaskets.

The 45 year old Richmonder posted a 2nd-place finish in his initial Nashville outing - with gaskets, I "assume" in his Jack Tant powerplant.

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In Novemberthis Popular Mechanics ad shows Permatex also used motorcycles without gaskets to promote the Gel Gasket and Lock-nut products:. Over the years, Bill France was pretty adept at not only getting automotive sponsors involved at Daytona, but getting companies headquartered in Florida involved. That long list includes such outfits as Hawaiian Tropic, etc.

This site requires Javascript to function properly - please enable Javascript in your browser. Prior to the race, the same paper carried an ad and a brief canned preview: Nashville Superspeedway sale update - normal? Dave canfield midget race car strange bedfellows just seem to attract each other: Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus not idling, but stealthy By: Friday, September 19, Well, here are the photos to prove it.

We don't need no stinkin' gaskets!

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In Novemberthis Popular Mechanics ad shows Permatex also used motorcycles without gaskets to promote the Gel Gasket and Lock-nut products: The United States Auto Club (USAC) is one of the sanctioning bodies of auto racing in the Four other drivers, Pancho Carter (–78), Dave Darland ( –), Jerry Coons Jr. (–08), and Tracy chairman of USAC technical committee; Shim Malone, starter for USAC races and head of its midget racer division.

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