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How to get rid of sexual performance anxiety

XXX pics How to get rid of sexual performance anxiety.

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing more normal, human, and healthy than going through phases of each of the aforementioned things at any age in your life.

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Nearly all men have had instances of E. Many of them bounce back almost immediately, while others are more prone to getting stuck in their minds about it.

Therapy can help you understand...

I was most definitely in the latter camp. This condition was made worse by the fact that I knew on a logical level that I was supposed to be in a stage of life where my testosterone levels were their highest and I should be able to get hard at the drop of a hat.

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Of course, this only made me harder on myself pun intended and I felt like a sexual failure. After a while I started to avoid sexual contact with anyone for fear of not being able to perform properly.

Stress about sex can lead...

But the unfortunate underlying assumption of performance anxiety is that you are expecting yourself to perform for your partner. While working through my journey with performance anxiety, I found some high leverage, simple, actionable things that helped me get through my suffering a lot faster than I would have trying to keep my head down and power through it. Want to eliminate performance anxiety?

Here are the top five things that I learned that worked surprisingly well for me and for countless clients of mine since then. By involving your partner in your internal struggles you will be able to name the elephant in the room.