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Desensitized penis


Big community funding update! Have I permanently desensitized my penis? May 3, 8: Apologies for the TMI nature of what follows, but hey, you clicked. I'm a guy in my thirties. Until a few years ago, my "Desensitized penis" produced enough pre-ejaculate that I could masturbate without the need for lube. Then Desensitized penis gradually started to dry up which I assume Desensitized penis normalbut being clueless, for a few months in my mid-twenties I kept on masturbating more or less dry, without any lube self-produced or otherwise.

This caused chafing on the skin of Desensitized penis penis, so I stopped, and started using store-bought lube. The chafing subsided, but I seem to have caused some permanent damage. I've never regained the full sensitivity I used to have. Being touched feels less pleasurable, orgasms from masturbation or sex Desensitized penis what they used to be, I don't get as hard as I used to though this may be partly due to the passing yearsand some areas of my penis still feel very slightly sore to the touch, even several years later.

You'd think if they were going to, they would have done so by now, which makes me think there might be nothing that can be done. But I'd really like to regain some of my old sensitivity.

Is there anything I can do? There are some products out there which are supposed to "promote penis health and increase sensitivity", e. Man1 Man Oil; honestly, these look like quack nostrums to me, but maybe they're worth a shot. I've been applying vitamin E oil for the last couple of weeks, with no Desensitized penis effects so far.

This doesn't feel like something to go to a doctor about, either.

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I realize I'm probably Desensitized penis, but maybe the hive mind will have some bright ideas? Dan Savage's writing on the death grip might be what you're looking for.

You didn't do permanent damage to your nerves by masturbating, with or without lube. That said, there are things that can decrease your response, like diabetic neuropathy, depression, or certain medications.

I really do think it's the sort of thing you should talk to Desensitized penis doctor about.

In fact, regular masturbation is...

I can Desensitized penis you that vitamin oils and other over the counter products are not going to help. You almost certainly Desensitized penis not do nerve damage. Your reduced sensation could be caused by many things - simply aging being the most obvious cause though 30s is pretty young for this, but not unheard of.

You should have a chat about it with your doctor, absolutely. The soreness is the most troubling symptom, and Desensitized penis worth a doctor visit. If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease. OTC 'enhancement' products are snake oil and vitamin E certainly won't do anything.

So I am embarking on...

Don't waste your time or money. There's plenty of medical reasons this might have happened waaaaaaaaay before Desensitized penis should jump to nerve damage.

In fact, regular masturbation is...

Go to your doctor, that should be your first response any time your body stops functioning normally. FWIW I didn't immediately realize what "dry" means in your question - I wouldn't even think of it as an issue. Get yourself a stroker.

If you're only using your hand and not varying your gripit's possible that your brain just doesn't see those sensations as "new and exciting" any more.

A stroker, or even a different "Desensitized penis," might help change things up a little. Maybe even try something like a heat pack or Desensitized penis cold flannel or something, to give yourself a different sensation.

I also experienced a loss of sensation, but it's amazing what difference a stroker can make. The death grip doesn't necessarily have to be tight, it just has to be monotonous.

Strokers are a cheap way to change things around a little. I have no experience with pills or potions in this regard, but so "Desensitized penis" as I'm aware, such things aren't that closely regulated. You probably should go and see your doctor, though. If Desensitized penis is Desensitized penis actual physical problem, well, do you really want naff maturbatory funtimes for the rest of your life?

Doctors have seen more weird and wonderful things than your penis, I assure you. If masturbating without lube ruined penises the human race would have gone extinct millennia ago posted by Benjy at 5: Desensitized penis doritos stalk at midnight This thread is Desensitized penis to new comments.

In fact, regular masturbation is...

Even though topical creams to “desensitize” the penis may be successful in improving the time to ejaculation, Paick and colleagues recently demonstrated that.

So I am embarking Desensitized penis this journey because I am totally unable to cum during sex. Sometimes it feels alright, but it is nowhere near enough.

The many nerve endings in...

Hello, So I have been having a huge frustration with my masturbation Desensitized penis that started about years ago, I have experienced all kinds of penile tissue.

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