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Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung


XI, Seiten Br. X, Seiten Geb. In diesem Herbst startet unsere neue Lehrbuchreihe Seminar Geschichte. Geared toward students and teachers at German-speaking colleges and universities, our new textbook series Seminar Geschichte will be launched this fall. We have further expanded our range of international publications with numerous English-language monographs and two new English-language book series: On behalf of the entire history department I would like to thank our Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung, editors, authors, and readers for their continued trust and support.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include postage and handling. Individual customers can purchase the eBook at list price through one of our vendor partners. Die umfassende Bibliographie rundet das Lehrbuch ab. The political order of the Roman republic was both a basis for and a consequence of Roman expansionism.

Stability and the reproduction of the existing political order are shown to be in dynamic interplay with political actors who embark on a new course as a response to internal competition. Includes a comprehensive bibliography. He provides a basic introduction to research work "Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung" drawing on selected sources and also presents historiographical methods and issues.

He imparts basic knowledge relevant for examinations and uses exercises and recommendations for further reading to stimulate independent study. Study book; textbook; ancient history; sources. Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung Patzek offers students a concise overview of a central theme in Greek history while introducing historiographical methods, important issues, and the use of sources.

She imparts basic knowledge relevant to examinations and offers incentives for further independent study through exercises and recommendations for further reading. Textbook; study book; sources. Series De Gruyter Studium Ca. Neue Folge 28 Approx. This study examines from multiple disciplinary perspectives the phenomenon of how knowledge was transformed and transmitted between late antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. The essays explore the ways that excerpting, compiling, and selective transmission resulted in a reduction of complexity.

In the literary discussions after their deaths, both Nero and Domitian were portrayed as megalomaniacal tyrants, but during their lifetimes, they were exuberantly praised in panegyrics. The volume examines the disparate images emerging from the coding and recoding of representations of their rule, and analyzes underlying linguistic mechanisms.

It thereby Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung new perspectives on these two mali principes. The concept of otium played a role Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung competition among Roman aristocrats, but the different meanings of the concept itself have not been studied. The present study traces the development of the concept from leisure, quietude, and idleness by authors, genre, and period from Cicero to Tacitus.

Monograph, German, 4th quarter Series Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte Ca. This book investigates prostitution in the ancient Greek world, attempts to separate facts from later antiquity fiction, and explores the lives of prostitutes, male and female, economics and realities of ancient prostitution, sexual morality, gender relations and stereotypes, labour and market forces at work, law, politics and cultural issues related to the sale of sex and the entertainment industry.

Inwork on the second edition of the Prosopographia Imperii Romani, the standard work on Roman prosopography, was completed after more than 90 years. This volume describes the history of the PIR and examines current and future prospects for prosopography as a research method, including the expanded use of digital methods for collecting large amounts of data. Bisher sah die Forschung in Diodor einen Autor von schlichtem Geist und ebensolcher Arbeitstechnik, gerade gut genug, verlorene Geschichtswerke des Hellenismus zu rekonstruieren.

Previous research saw Diodorus as an author with modest intellect and a working technique of equal mediocrity, just capable enough of reconstructing forgotten historical works from the Hellenistic period. Diodorus Siculus; Hellenistic historiography. Neue Folge 27 S. Cicero, Marcus Tullius; philosophy Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung government. Lassen Menschenrechte sich gar transkulturell universalisieren?

What is the philosophical basis for human rights? What obstacles emerge in this Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung, and how far has the debate progressed? Is it even possible to universalize human rights across cultures?

Standardisierte Verfahren in der empirischen...

Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung The essays in this volume address systematic questions in this area while illuminating the multifaceted history surrounding notions of subjectivity, which stretch back to the Middle Ages and Antiquity.

Human rights; universalisation; reasons for human rights; history of human rights. Series Klassiker Auslegen 64 S. Colloquia Raurica 15 Ca. Proclus and his Legacy bridges a gap in scholarship, specifically the last great head of the Platonic Academy, Proclus, and his influence in the history of philosophy and theology.

These essays offer not only a companion to Late Antique metaphysics, epistemology, theology and ethics; it also explores his reception in the immediate Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions within the mediaeval, renaissance and modern eras.

Butorac, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey. Collection, English, 1st quarter Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung Die vorliegenden Studien untersuchen diese wechselvolle Beziehung und spannen einen weiten Bogen vom ersten bis zum sechsten Jahrhundert. Gelasius of Caesarea 4th cent. This is the first-ever edition of the fragments, reconstructed on the basis of a thorough critical comparative analysis of the sources. With the text of the Church History available, discussion of the nature of the work and its use by later authors can now proceed on a firm foundation.

The Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung Romanum was marked by a diverse and differentiated history of reciprocal interaction with the church and theology. The study examines this ever-changing relationship, encompassing a broad time span from the first to the sixth century.

The essays include both the Eastern and Western Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung of the Imperium and its successor states, and explore the theme by drawing from a wide range of literary genres. Series Die griechischen christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten Jahrhunderte N. Series Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte S. This critical edition includes a close textual German translation, and provides a comprehensive introduction to this central part of the apocryphal Acts of Peter.

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Detailed commentary enhances the entertaining literary piece, revealing its value as a source of information on early Christian beliefs and institutions. Apokrypha; Acts of Apostles; St. Nag-Hammadi; Schriften; Koptisch; Apokryphen. He appears as Lithargoel, a seller of pearls, and as a doctor. Finally, as the son of God, he campaigns for asceticism to heal the body and soul.

Standardisierte Verfahren in der empirischen...

The text has been transmitted only in Coptic. It is translated here into German with commentary, and Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung an extraordinary look at 4th century Christian life in Egypt. Das um n. Antike; Byzantinisches Reich; Lexikon.

This encyclopaedia, compiled around AD, is more Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung less the Byzantine Encyclopaedia Britannica of the ancient world. It lists some 3, names of places, mountains, lakes, rivers, and peoples, explaining their origins and derivations. The wealth of cultural historical information contained in it make it a source text for polis research; in Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung, it is a treasure trove of quotations and literary fragments.

Antiquity; Byzantine Empire; lexicon. Der vorliegende Band bietet die editio princeps einer anonymen Kurzchronik des Editio princeps; Byzanz; Chronik; Ideologie. This volume offers the editio princeps of a 10th— century anonymous chronicle which covers the period from Adam up to As most Byzantine short chronicles are still unpublished, this edition also lays the groundwork for assessing the literary value of this subgenre and determining its ideological and didactic function.

Edition, German, Ancient Greek, 1st quarter Dieser Band vereint 17 Studien, die Aspekte der Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit weiter vertiefen. This volume includes 17 studies that present aspects of the Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine Period.

Collection, German, English, 3rd quarter Collection, English, 2nd quarter A classical scholar, a rhetorician, a theologian, a high prelate who became the archbishop of the second city of the Empire: Eustathios of Thessalonike is doubtless an outstanding figure of the 12th century. This book gathers contributions from leading scholars of both Byzantine and Classical philology, offering new perspectives on his scholarly and literary output, as well as on his style and on the historical context of his activity.

Eustathios of Thessalonike; Homeric scholarship; Byzantine philology; Byzantine history.

Geniko Lykeio of Thermi, Thessaloniki. Series Trends in Classics — Supplementary Volumes 46 pp. This volume offers a Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung of essays on the political and economical history, historical topography, palaeography, literature historiography, epistolography and philosophy of the late Byzantine period between and Byzantine history; Byzantine culture; Byzantine literature.

Series Byzantinisches Archiv 31 S. It is now the most complete and detailed tool for historians, jurists, philologists, and theologians working on Byzantine history, Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung for all readers interested in an overview of this complex and difficult field.

The volume aims at inquiring the categories in which the past is constructed, thought, valued, functionalized and redrawn. Antiquity; past; canonicity; memory. The collected papers in this volume, many of them previously unpublished, demonstrate the political character of Roman tragedy and show that, during the Imperial period, panegyrics often shifted to opposition.

The final critical edition was begun by K. This revised edition of vol. Edition, Ancient Greek, English, 3rd quarter This volume examines the reception of Egypt during the Late Roman Empire from the perspectives of classical philology, ancient studies, and Egyptology. Nov 2, Article in Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung 25(2) · June with. Standardisierte Verfahren in der empirischen Sexualforschung - Ein. May 14, Lena Spangenberg · View · Standardisierte Verfahren in der empirischen Sexualforschung - Ein Update.

Article. Jun ; Z SEXUALFORSCH. Standardisierte Verfahren in der empirischen Sexualforschung - Ein Update. Article. Jun ; Z SEXUALFORSCH "Standardisierte verfahren in der empirischen sexualforschung" Anke Matthes. Diana Richter · Bernhard M.

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