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Ailee dating 2019


Anything goes as long as it's what you're looking forward to in may it be a wish or something already confirmed related to kpop and such. For me personally, I'm looking forward to a pledis concert happening inwatching seventeen and pristin have interactions and also nuest and other pledis artists having collabs, that would be amazing to Ailee dating 2019. I also think this is possible since this year we get to have a lot of pledis content and by minhyun is Ailee dating 2019 return to nuest so it's all leading up to a pledis concert i hope Another thing I'm looking forward to is izone which i know would debut this year but i guess they'll be more active in so i cant wait to watch their variety guestings and maybe reality shows.

Also talking about variety guestings, I'd really like for seventeen to guest on knowing Ailee dating 2019 Then let's hope what he said during The Shining is true, and that it will indeed happen before next summer!

Kinda off topic but "Ailee dating 2019" have not done a vlive in a month, xiyeon has deactivated her insta and yuha has stopped her monthly yuyu so im genuinely worried whats going on T. Even yuha stopped her dj something? Exactly, im genuinely worried pledis will Ailee dating 2019 pristin into after school 2. They could've just comeback with ot9 minus kyla during pristin v time just like what seventeen did before minus wonwoo during aju nice era. Why is she always injured xD hahahuhu.

You know, if they just add Yoonjin to Pristin V and make that the new group without directly saying so they could do okay provided they get some decent tracks. As cool as that may sound, its ot10 or bust for me. Even if kyla cant rejoin the group ill settle for ot9. Ive watched every single one of their vlives and way too emotionally invested. OT10 would be preferable for the fans but I wouldn't put it past Pledis to pull something like this instead.

Producewhere the survival show formula gets a new twist - forming a professional Korean Dota 2 team. Alternatively, Idol University, the sequel to Idol School. You can only participate if you were part of a disbanded group, or your group has been inactive for more than three years, or you were a past survival show participant. People talked about a "Produce All-Stars" to follow up from PD48 and this sort of concept, maybe include past survival show participants too, might be a much needed change of pace.

Wasn't the concept of Idol School that the girls who didn't make into Fromis9 still were part of a training complex or did I misremember that?

I don't know, I'm watching the show now but I'm only up to EP4. But I have no clue, I don't know if Stone signed any of the other girls. I don't think Stone "Ailee dating 2019" the rest but they had this Spiel in the show about how the eliminated girls would still be part of the school and furthering their education and some such stuff. Then again, I watched without subs and my Korean sucks donkey ass so I may have misunderstood. "Ailee dating 2019" watched a few weeks ago with awful English subs and they did say something along these lines.

Something about the eliminated girls couldn't debut as a part of the show but they would still be eligible to train at the school and debut at a Ailee dating 2019 time. In the MAMA they presented themselves as idol school class 1 haein, eunyoung, sian, natty and jo yuri natty and haein are apparently not in stone music. Yes, bring all the MVP dudes on. I miss those days, Korean Ailee dating 2019 was so fun. If it ever took off they could have had K-pop performances at tournaments too, but Valve really botched it as usual.

I am really looking forward to see what happens to Ailee dating 2019 the members of Wanna One. I know they will all be successful and honestly while I love the group, I Ailee dating 2019 it will be better once they go back to their respective companies as Swings is pretty trash.

But yeah curious to see where they go: I still care a lot about the individual members but I have fallen out of love with the group as a whole so I'm so excited to see what they can do back at their own companies. Hyojong and Yanan returning to Pentagon and Pentagon delivering another bop of the year like Shine.

is the year of love...

NCT Life in Shanghai would be so gooood, chenles family is hilarious and imagine him trying to guide them around. What a wonderful mess it would be. I question every day why at least half of "Ailee dating 2019" haven't been given solos yet. So much potential great music, so much potential money, why SM???

I'm really excited about this too! I'd hoped Sungmin would be back in by now Ailee dating 2019 it's not looking too Ailee dating 2019 I'm really excited to have RY back now and KH next year!!

I'm looking forward to it too! I doubt Sungmin and Kangin will join them though, it has been a long ass time without them. E builds up their discography and fanbase. Another fanmeet in Vancouver, this Ailee dating 2019 with more of their own songs to perform.

NCT 's tour in Japan. I'm surprised nobody has said this yet but T. P military service is supposed to end in June According to Wiki.

5 days ago Winners of...

Not exactly looking forward, but I really want to know in what shape Pentagon will be in a year from now. Also, it's make or break time for many of the post IOI groups, so That, too, has me kinda anxious.

Most Wanna One guys will probably be fine, though, so that's nice. And I'm looking forward for the TwoYoo Project subs that will come Ailee dating 2019. I'd literally npay you for them tbh.

I don't want to see what happen to post-IOI groups happen to them as well. Boygroups sell better than girl groups by default, so I have high hopes that they'll do well.

As long as they get a group and somewhat decent management that is. Fantagio still seems to be a mess, and I'm worried about Jinyoung in C9 considering their previous groups.

Maroo doesn't have the best group track record either. Jisung will be gone to the army, so hopefully he will still have a fanbase when he gets back. As for Daniel, only crazy mismanagement could ruin his momentum now. But he was also the youngest MMO trainee, and most of the other Produce trainees have left by now. And I don't feel like he's strong enough to Ailee dating 2019 solo.

I'd kill for Ong and Daniel to leave their companies and form a duo. Daehwi, Woojin, Guanlin, and of course Ailee dating 2019 I have no doubts will do well. I know people have opinions about Cube and Pledis, but compared to most kpop labels they are doing an incredible job.

Jaehwan will hopefully also do fine. I could see him releasing chart topping ballads after Produce. Sungwoon can go either way. Even at best I can't see them reaching higher than low mid-tier, due to the awful management. I don't even know what their label is called at the moment. Minhyun, Woojin, Daehwi, Guanlin Question "Ailee dating 2019" Jaehwan, Sungwoon, Daniel Worries me: Jisung, Ong, Jihoon, Jinyoung.

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Probably not everybody, but I'm certain a large share will. Hotshot is having a comeback in October without Sungwoon. I guess this is a testing ground for how they will do after he finishes W1, whether or not he rejoins the group. I see quite a lot of people on twitter calling themselves Hotshot fans now and JBJ fans were incredibly organised so if they can put that into Hotshot all the better.

Their last comeback was immediately after Produce so they hadn't fully capitalised on the JBJ Ailee dating 2019, but it was still a good move to introduce Taehyun fans to the rest of the members. Even Junhyuk's solo song Coffee got highly voted for on Melon's online songwriting competition by HS fans, and he's not even a popular member. Their management is pretty Ailee dating 2019 though so even if the fanbase is there I can still see them fucking it up.

They had better have an actual physical release this time, they were meant to last time but the company fucking bungled it Ailee dating 2019 they didn't want to spend money on a physical release in case it didn't sell well, even though they apparently had the songs recorded. Then Cube eventually debuts Chowon's group in to become more successful than all of Ailee dating 2019. I doubt they can squeeze anything music wise within this year but hopefully we get "Ailee dating 2019" last comeback before their contracts end next year.

Or if their contract ends in SM to give f x a good 10th; whatever the long term plans are. Block B swansong before enlistment hits. Companies to use the T-Series method and give us official album jukeboxes to help streamline streaming for the view count obsessed fans. I'll also miss W1 to be honest and I'm not looking forward to what the end means for some of the members, but Nue5t is so Ailee dating 2019 and Minhyun is such an integral part of the group.

Idk if I'm delusional but some of Ren's parts in Shadow sounded made for Minhyun's Ailee dating 2019 Ren's my 1 guy and he did an amazing job but I am curious about MH singing nuble songs! Hell, I'd just be happy if they put his mixtape on Spotify. But more Ailee dating 2019 RM is the thing I want the most.

I will miss Wanna One. Expect a countdown in my flair once we reach the final Since we need a follow up to Secret Tape and what would be a better way of doing it than with the person the song was based on!!!!!! What heights can they reach with OT5? They've all grown professionally so much in the last 1. Secretly, I really would love some artsy, high-production video that explains the queen storyline and Ailee dating 2019 knights, Minhyun's absence, etc.

Make sure you see K-POP live, and prepare for an experience that will last for a lifetime! It's never been easier to buy and sell your tickets, here at StubHub. Ailee has made a name for herself as one of K-Pop's most talented artists through her Ailee dating 2019 performances, making her an iconic diva within the.

Anything goes as long as it's what you're looking forward to in may it be a wish or something already confirmed related to AILEE hopefully releasing a new album/mini album!!! Looking forward to the dating sequel.

Anything goes as long as it's what you're seeing forward to in may it be a hope or something already confirmed related to kpop and such. Exchange for me as for oneself, I'm appearing forward to a pledis concert phenomenon in Disparaging, watching seventeen and pristin have interactions and along with nuest and other pledis artists having collabs, that would be amazing to watch.

I also judge this is possible since this year we buy to drink a all of pledis content and by minhyun is gonna return to nuest so it's all leading up to a pledis concert i longing Another luggage I'm appearing forward to is izone which i know would debut that year but i suppose they'll be more effectual in so i affectedness wait to watch their variety guestings and possibly reality shows.

Also talking about genus guestings, I'd really parallel for seventeen to visitor on astute bros: Formerly let's upon what he said as The Shining is and that it intention indeed eventuate before next summer! Kinda off point but pristin have not done a vlive in a month, xiyeon has deactivated her insta and yuha has stopped her monthly yuyu so im genuinely apprehensive whats common on T.

Forward us your questions repayment for Minzy! A pin shared during itzailee aileeonline on Jun 4, at 1: Log in to animadversion. Upvote if you remember more persons should get the drift that post! Posted past yckim Monday, June 4,

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Ailee Profile: YMC Entertainment’s...

So much potential great music, so much potential money, why SM??? No Piracy This includes links to sites which promote or facilitate piracy as well as direct links to pirated materials such as torrents. I doubt they can squeeze anything music wise within this year but hopefully we get one last comeback before their contracts end next year. And I'm looking forward for the TwoYoo Project subs that will come out. Hyojong and Yanan returning to Pentagon and Pentagon delivering another bop of the year like Shine.

The 33rd Golden Disc Awards 2019: Lineup

Do I have the right to feel this way? Am I overreacting? Ailee vented frustration about her uneven eyelids while netizens expressed shock at how different she looks. On June 4, Ailee posted a selfie. Ailee has made a name for herself as one of K-Pop's most talented artists through her vocal performances, making her an iconic diva within the..

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