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Callie rivers dating


Discussion in ' Almost famous. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Jul 1, 1. Below you'll see her tweets from the past month. I've separated them into three parts; tweets about this vacation, tweets about Seth, and Callie rivers dating about the Warriors win on June 7th. Thanks x 1 LOL! Jul 1, 2. She looks just like her father and that's not a good thing. Callie rivers dating 1, 3. She getting passed around or what?

Jul 1, 4. She may need to find another sport to mine from since she's running through the NBA really quickly. Jul 1, 5. Jul 1, 6. Doc spit her out. Jul 1, 7.

Wow, Callie rivers dating looks interesting. I thought Seth was dating the somoan girl? NVM looks like he broke up with Rheina Ale.

Callie Rivers Is Dating Kyrie...

Jul 1, 8. Jul 1, 9. I did everything but beg my cousin to put Callie rivers dating on to one of the curry's when he was at davidson, did he listen?

She's on the left in...

NO granted i was 17 but still Jul 1, I dont know why dudes keep going for a Callie rivers dating who been flipped more than a college dorm mattress. I feel bad for Doc,he's highly respected by his players.

She's been dating bball players since college - I actually thought Seth was an ex but I was confusing him with Dexter who played for UNC. Damn, didn't know about her and all the players. Welp, at least she picked the cuties! That's crazy,I still can't believe he's on his father's team. What's wrong with her dating basketball Callie rivers dating She's been around the game her whole life and probably has a thing for ball players. It's not like she's dating old fat white men.

She's dating handsome guys? Thanks x 2 Disagree! Seth would be the fifth player that we know of. Callie rivers dating in her late 20s, so 5 relationships isn't abnormal. Also, these guys run in her circle. I wouldn't call her a groupie. Chris Paul is mad because the Clippers didn't want to offer a 5yr deal to a 32 yr player and ball hog.

Doc is still and will always be on top. Bagging all the dudes those alien-like features. What's more exotic than an Callie rivers dating Wow, that has to be awkward when the players she has dated see her daddy. Is the Doc River's daughter? They are in my ancestral land! "Callie rivers dating" wonder if my floozy cousins gon try to push up on Steph and Seth Maybe I should call Callie rivers dating You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The latest Tweets from Callie...

Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Most Liked Most Commented. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. Mavs Seth Curry and Doc Rivers' Daughter Expecting a Baby Girl Seth and Callie have been dating for about a year and there are currently.

She's on the left in beige Callie rivers dating on her way to Turks & Caicos.

The latest NBA locker room...

Below you'll see her tweets from the past month. Callie rivers dating separated them into three. The latest NBA locker room chatter is that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is currently dating Callie Rivers, the daughter of Los Angeles.

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