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Pyschosexual stages of development


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This girl suffers from some anxiety and can get frazzled pretty easily. She doesn't like to be the one making the plans, so she's more of a follower. When she is anxious, she tends to to bite her nails, more specifically her thumb nails. This nervous habit of hers has been around as long as I've known her, which is before Pyschosexual stages of development. Goal We will use our knowledge of Freud's psycho sexual stages to describe or characterize friends or acquaintances.


All friends and acquaintances will be anonymous. This girl is loud, outgoing, sassy, and messy.

The four stages of Piaget's...

Her room always has clothes all over the floor and it doesn't seem to bother her. Her closet has a three foot pile of clean, unfolded Pyschosexual stages of development. Analysis 1 cont'd Pyschosexual stages of development Fred would say: Freud would believe that this girl's messy tendencies can be blamed on how she was potty trained.

He would assume that she has very lenient parents and that they were too easy with her during her anal stage. As a result, she now has an anal-explosive personality. Overview continued Anal Stage What happens: Freud would be particularly interested in my friend's nervous habit.

By biting her thumb nail, she is putting her hand in her mouth. This action her calls an oral fixation. These fixations result from less than required support during weaning, the oral stage. Oral fixations are associated with dependency, another characteristic of my friend seeing as she never likes to be the one making plans.

Analysis 3 Summary of person: Pyschosexual stages of development person is kind and outgoing. She is a natural leader and is extremely independent. She is currently dating a boy who is strikingly similar to her dad.

Sigmund Freud is considered to...

Both are laid back, similar in looks, the same height and build, and her boyfriend plans to attend the same college as her father. The two guys even play the same sport. Analysis 3 cont'd Freud would say my friend has an Electra complex, which develops in the Phallic stage. She has observed the characteristics of her dad over time and now she wants to find a guy Pyschosexual stages of development like him.

Currently, this girl gets into frequent arguments with her mother. This is another characteristic of an Electra complex. Analysis 4 Summary of person: This person is very easily attached to others. She feels the need to be in "Pyschosexual stages of development" of all aspects of her friendships and life. She is very organized and neat but her relationships can be a mess. Her need for control makes people believe she is clingy, but her intentions are usually good.

Analysis 4 cont'd Freud would say that this girl is anal-retentive. He would believe that her parents were too strict in potty training or began potty training too early and as a result she is now obsessive and needs order in everything she does. Analysis 5 Summary of the person: This guy has a very hard time being clear and expressive. He struggles Pyschosexual stages of development communicate what he is feeling well, especially over text. As a result, his relationships can suffer greatly.

He always a cup of something with him, whether it be water, juice, coke, etc. He tends to be sipping on something. Analysis 5 cont'd Freud would believe that this guy has issues with more than just one stage.

"Pyschosexual stages of development" clearly has an oral fixation, because he always has a drink in hand. He also shows signs that he didn't complete the latent period well.

Communication skills are an important development and are developed in the latent stage. When one doesn't successfully pass the latent stage, Pyschosexual stages of development may be left with impaired communication skills. Analysis 6 Summary of person: This girl is very bubbly and happy by nature.

She Pyschosexual stages of development kind to everyone and has a contagious smile.

Frustration, Overindulgence, and Fixation

She is very mature and smart. Analysis 6 cont'd Freud would say that she has successfully passed all other stages so now that she is in her genital stage she is a warm, pleasant person. She has no obvious fixations. Analysis 7 Summary of this person: This guy is completely normal until you get to know her better.

His closet is organized by color, his Pyschosexual stages of development is organized into about 3 dividers per class, and he is always on time.

Pyschosexual stages of development is frustrated easily by disorganized teachers and likes to plan ahead. Analysis 7 cont'd Freud would say this guy is anal-retentive. Although his personality is pretty much normal and he isn't obsessive with relationships, he is extremely tidy and needs organization in his life. Summary From our research and studies of our friends, we have found that Freud chose common characteristics to explain. He chose things like sucking on a thumb or biting Pyschosexual stages of development nails because so many Pyschosexual stages of development do that, yet it is not a majority of people.

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Send this link to let others join your presentation: Sigmund Freud is considered to be the father of psychiatry. Among his many accomplishments is, arguably, the most far-reaching personality schema in. The third stage of psychosexual development is the phallic stage, spanning Pyschosexual stages of development ages of three to six years, wherein the child's.

Freud () proposed that psychological development in childhood takes place in a series of fixed psychosexual stages: oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital.

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