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Aquarius and friendship

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Is your best friend an Aquarius? Then you'll absolutely recognise these tell tale signs!

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They can be temperamental, but their deep affection makes it ALL worth it! Aquarius people are naturally quite introverted. This can make getting close to them a little trickier than many other Zodiac signs.

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So if you're the kind of person who always flakes or loves a bit of a gossip, then they probably shouldn't be your pick of best friend. Aquarius' are often accused of being aloof and afraid of emotional expression - think stiff upper lip all the way!

The pros of this mean you can be totally honest with them and trust them to give you an honest answer, rather than gushing and fibbing to your face. Aquarius' LOVE a proper intellectual conversation - so if you're mates with then, you can be sure you'll never have to make small talk or have a dry chat again!

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Perhaps the most important thing to rememberer about Aquarius signs is how much they care about people. Yes, Aquarius are passionate humanitarians.

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Aquarius star signs seriously value their independence, so if you're the kind of person who hates a clingy, needy pal, then this is the Zodiac friend for you! Why not pack your bags and jet off on an adventure with your favourite pal.

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We promise they won't disappoint. Because of their passion, Aquarius signs are also passionate about fighting for causes.

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