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Girlfriend afraid of commitment


Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. My girlfriend of 5 months has been really distant from me since two weeks ago, she said that she is terrified of being in a serious relationship and that she is afraid of commitment. I love this girl and Girlfriend afraid of commitment said that she loves me back.

We agreed on a break so that she could clear her mind.

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I'm terrified of this break because I have no idea on how this is going to end. I really do love her but this break situation kind of has me questioning if she really loves me the way I do.

It's only been two days and it feels like what I imagine a break up feels like this is my first relationship. The thing that concerns me the most is that we didn't really set a time to come back from "Girlfriend afraid of commitment" break, she has texted me already saying that she's checking up on me and I just straight up said I know Girlfriend afraid of commitment only been a day but I miss her already and that I hope that she can push through this because I really don't want to lose her.

Girlfriend afraid of commitment there a particular time when breaks in a relationship finish or am I holding onto a lost cause? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. I don't think you understand the definition of the word "terrified". I'm sure it makes you a little nervous to consider the fact that your sweet princess may have decided to give someone else a shot, especially since you're acting like a guy who would crumble like a stale cracker at the thought of her doing so, BUT you have to understand, first relationship or not They take breaks to date other interests.

And all this "I miss you" business is cute in the movies but in real life it makes you look needy, exactly the not way you want to look. YOU have to man up and put your foot down. You want a break Here, take a year. She doesn't want a year. She wants a few weeks to see f this other guy will call, so they can go out a few times and IF it's a bust I promise her head will magically clear Girlfriend afraid of commitment she'll be back on your doorstep calling your name.

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Until the next time. When you're so emotionally weak you'll allow her to "take a break" without putting your foot down, expect heartache, heart break and heart attacks becasue this will be your future.

They were born for it. They strive for it. Girlfriend afraid of commitment who take breaks to clear their heads becasue they're afraid of commitment are usually "Girlfriend afraid of commitment" married to a new guy a month into their break.

Why play a game of emotions when yours are as brittle as stale crackers? A recipe for disaster. I'd start dating others on my break.

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They think breaks for them to date, for you to wait. Upset that cart and it's game over. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Kingslayer Send a private message. More often than not, when someone wants a break it's because they want to test the waters with Girlfriend afraid of commitment else they are interested in--romantically or just sexually.

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The break is a ploy to put you on the back Girlfriend afraid of commitment in case things don't work out and she can come back. Either way, this deal is over. Bullshit excuse, and its over. When a woman truly loves a man, all this nonsense goes by the board. Need to be that man. I'd tell her that no, I'm not doing a break. She's either with me or not.

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Then I'd sit her down and tell her to talk to me, let it all out, why is she afraid. I'd ask her if she was afraid of commitment, or commitment with me I'd be that strong, confident leader of a guy that can melt her heart No fancy pants, no fashion, no sock in the jeans, no dic pics, just good ole fashion male confidence, kindness, and depth.

Women don't want men to own them, but what they absolutely do want is that one guy to take total control of, and own their heart. Supervillain Send a private message. Edited on May 13, at Apexbreed Send a private message. Depends how you play your cards. If you want her back, stop showing her so much love because that can be a huge turn off. Play it cool and let her come back to you. Continue your life like she doesn't exist. I don't mean date or sleep with other girls.

I mean "Girlfriend afraid of commitment" out with your buddies, go play sports, travel, do whatever you think is fun, and try to relax. If you make your life about her, you will be doomed. This is a fact of all relationships. Being Girlfriend afraid of commitment way is seriously begging to be dumped or cheated on.

Ah alright, thanks so much. This is my first relationship so I don't really know what to do in these kinds of situations. Well, I have always believed the old saying that there's no such Girlfriend afraid of commitment as a Girlfriend afraid of commitment, only a break up. If someone asks for time out, it can mean several things.

Either they really have a fear of commitment or they are Girlfriend afraid of commitment not that into you anymore. It's the "it's not you, it's me" excuse which is never a good sign. You can't change someone else's mind so do as apex says, hang out with your friends, enjoy your hobbies and go on with your life.

Trying to suffocate her with attention might do more harm than good although I think you should be prepared for the worst. I hope I'm wrong. You do not want to have worry about whether she will remain faithful, so don't even try. The worst case scenario here is that she Girlfriend afraid of commitment has someone else lined up and one month after the start your break, this guy gets revealed.

I don't know how a woman who Girlfriend afraid of commitment scared from commitment any different from a guy who scared of commitment. You've got to find the reason behind it and work backwards. Zombie Send a private message. I think you're holding on to a lost cause.

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You don't fix issues with your SO by not communicating with them or spending time with them. However there's a slim chance she just has cold feet.

My gut feeling would be that you take control of this situation as best you can. Phone her up, tell her you miss her and care about her, but you're no longer interested in being on a break.

If she wants to be with you or she wants to see other Girlfriend afraid of commitment or just wants out, or whatever, you understand, but you're not going to put your life on hold. Tell her to let you know by tomorrow evening whether she wants to be with you or not and if you haven't heard from her by then, you'll assume she's breaking up with you and you won't contact her anymore.

George Send a private message. During that break she'll most likely have other meat sticks in her mouth and vagina. Girlfriend afraid of commitment previously stated, that's a shitty excuse. It could Girlfriend afraid of commitment that you're too clingy and it's turning her off but she's afraid "Girlfriend afraid of commitment" tell you.

My last ex wanted a break, I gave her a week and then text her it's over. I didn't want to have her "shadow" over me anymore and she never reciprocated as much as I did in the relationship anyways. Needless to say the little witch didn't reply back. I'm glad I cut the chord. It's a hard lesson, but a lesson learned. Ask a New Question expand.

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He acted like he had feelings for me. What's wrong with this question? My girlfriend of 5 months has been Girlfriend afraid of commitment distant from me since two weeks ago, she said that she is terrified of being in a serious relationship. In your typical Hollywood movie love story, the woman is deeply in Girlfriend afraid of commitment and ready to settle down, and the guy isn't quite ready to be tied down.

Reader's Question. I'm trying to help my girlfriend of 4 months overcome a fear of commitment. She has had this with the other two relationships.

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