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Qinhuangdao hebei china


If you want to go to Qinhuangdao by plane, you need to get off from Beijing Capital Airport, then you can take Inter-Provincial Bus [6].

Take note of the timetable.

Qinhuangdao railway station is a...

There are multiple train options when traveling to and from Qinhuangdao. Most visitors to Qinhuangdao are coming from either Beijing or Tianjin.

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Long distance buses are common in China, and Qinhuangdao is no exception. Buses depart from a central station near to the central train station in the Haiguan area of the city. Bus "Qinhuangdao hebei china" to and from Beijing will often cost as much as train tickets, but the departures are more frequent.

Qinhuangdao is a relatively small city by China standards. However, due to its location on the water, the city tends to sprawl in a linear fashion along the coast from Shanhaiguan to Beidaihe, thus making buses and taxis Qinhuangdao hebei china means for getting around. Taxis are inexpensive and abundant, thus making them the preferred means of transport for travelers.

Be sure you can confidently communicate where you want to go before you get into a cab as most Qinhuangdao hebei china the drivers in Qinhuangdao can not speak English, but many of them can read Chinese. You can ask somebody to write down the place where you want go in Chinese on a card, and show this card to taxi driver. The best approach is to have a valid phone "Qinhuangdao hebei china" for where you are going, or a phone number for a contact who can communicate with the driver in Chinese, should there be a problem.

Buses are also a good option for getting around the city.

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City maps, which contain bus routes on them, can be obtained from kiosks near to the central bus and train stations. Buses cost between 1 and 2 yuan for a single ticket ride. However, the low cost means that buses are always overcrowded, and occasional pickpockets make it essential to Qinhuangdao hebei china your personal belongings. Qinhuangdao has little in the way of things to see and places to visit.

Most visitors who come tend to spend their "Qinhuangdao hebei china" at the beaches, which are very nice for Chinese standards.

Sights and tourist attractions are best discovered by purchasing one of the city maps from a kiosk near to the central bus station or central train station and looking at the pictures that surround the map as advertisement.

The best advice however, is to save your sightseeing for other cities you will visit, and simply spend your time at the beach while in Qinhuangdao. The city has a wide selection of entertainment options, but mostly are dedicated to nightlife and dining.

The main attraction of the area is the sea and the relatively clean beaches. Day trips to Shanhaiguan and Beidaihe are hassle free and worth doing. Qinhuangdao, like every city in China has its share of shopping. The downtown area is comprised of many shops all selling different goods at prices that are usually less than in Beijing.

The styles however, tend to be out dated Qinhuangdao hebei china nearly everything available is knock off versions of the 'real' products sold elsewhere in China.

There are also large electronic stores in the same vicinity. Most items are priced competitively and can be bargained for with some success. Just click any blue Qinhuangdao hebei china link and start writing! Retrieved from " https: Has custom banner Outline articles. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Text is available under [http: Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view.

Qinhuangdao Contents 1 Understand 2 Get in 2. Understand [ edit ] Qinhuangdao has three urban areas: By "Qinhuangdao hebei china" [ edit ] There are multiple train options when traveling to and from Qinhuangdao.

By bus [ edit ] Long distance buses are common in China, and Qinhuangdao is no exception. Get around [ edit ] Qinhuangdao is a relatively small city by China standards. By taxi [ edit ] Taxis are inexpensive and abundant, thus making them the preferred Qinhuangdao hebei china of transport for travelers.

By bus [ edit ] Buses are also a good option for getting around Qinhuangdao hebei china city. See [ edit ] [ add listing ] Qinhuangdao has little in the way of things to see and places to visit.

Gold Coast is located in the southern coastal areas, is China's seven national marine nature reserve of. The East, north, West three from Bohai and seven around the Caspian lagoonis a by Qinhuangdao hebei china yellow sand and green vegetation and the peninsula. The island at rolling, beautiful shape, the highest point of 44meters, known as "the Jingdong desert " is called. Located in Hebei province Changli County southeast of Bohai coast, It adjoins the Bohai Sea to the southeast and the Yanshan Qinhuangdao hebei china to the northwest.

The city wall of Shanhaiguan is still well-preserved. While the Shanhai Pass of Great Wall is now the main entrance to the town, in the Ming Dynasty the area to the north of Shanhaiguan was not Chinese territory. Following the complex physical features of this area, the northern area was once part of the defensive system of the Great Wall.

Xuerun Spa is one of the few pleasure destinations in Qinhuangdao. You can pamper yourself with full body Qinhuangdao hebei china, traditional Chinese hot stone massage, Taiwanese acupuncture, oil therapy, skin treatments and facials. They believe health comes from nature and beauty comes from health. The natural oil therapy, derived from plants, is a top choice for woman who visit the city.

"Qinhuangdao hebei china" any city rich in culture and tourism, Qinhuangdao is a host to expatriates and foreign tourists.

Qinhuangdao railway station is a...

Qhdconnect is a website organized by a group of expatriates residing in Qinhuangdao that focuses on the foreign community sharing information on dining, shopping, night life, and other events around the city. This is a favorite for pizza in the city. Qinhuangdao hebei china can dine in, take out, or have Qinhuangdao hebei china delivered straight to your door. The handmade crusts and ample toppings make this the best Chicago style pie in the city.

The private rooms are classy and elegant. You will not be disappointed with the service and comfort. Watch a movie Qinhuangdao hebei china a sports match on your own personal flat screen.

If you do want some company, the piano bar is wonderful. You can curl up in the oversized, overstuffed furniture and take in the scene. This is the place to see and be seen in QHD.

Qinhuangdao is a port city...

"Qinhuangdao hebei china" right next to People's Square, it sits in the heart of the entertainment district of the city. This Qinhuangdao hebei china the place to go for quality cuts of meat and plump steaks. The prices are reasonable, and are on par with other western style steakhouses in China. The bar serves a full line of spirits and wines,and has a nice list of imported beers to choose from. A must visit for anyone who needs a "meat" fix.

Nestled among the rocks overlooking the ocean, this is the place to go for weekend brunch. The restaurant is connected to the Haitianyise Hotel and Seaside Resort.

The seafood buffet is always fresh and includes all the sides and drinks including alcohol that you care to consume. Enjoy your meal while watching the waves roll in. N-Bar is a good place to go for an all nighter. Most nights the party starts late and goes until Qinhuangdao hebei china the last of the last feel like heading home. Three spacious floors allow patrons to choose the atmosphere they like. The first floor is a traditional beer hall; the second floor has comfy lounge chairs and a massive projection screen showing films and games; Qinhuangdao hebei china third floor has a free billiards table and private suites that you can curl up in to enjoy some alone time.

Nightly DJ's pump out live music as patrons dance on the clubs multi-floor stages. They understand the value in giving patrons access to different drinks and cocktails while not gouging them on price. Drink, dance, be merry, and enjoy the night. The friendly and welcoming owner makes this place a great choice for an evening of drinks with close friends. Live music, cheap drinks, and a laid back crowd make this a Qinhuangdao favorite!

The bar has three stories, each providing patrons a different ambiance. The first floor resembles a European style pub where you can belly up to the bar Qinhuangdao hebei china relax at one of the tables near to the live music stage. The second floor has tables and comfortable lounge chairs where you and your friends can find a quiet nook to enjoy yourselves, while still taking in the live music from below.

The third floor is a giant game room where you will find tables for card games, mahjong, and even a pool table. Nightly drink specials make this a very inexpensive place to go for a night on the town. Every night is ladies night, where ladies who leave the men at home and come in "Qinhuangdao hebei china" group of 3 or more are welcome to free Tsingtao beer. Students with a valid ID will receive nightly discounts off their tabs.

The charming and cute boss is more than happy to help mix up a special 'charming monkey' cocktail, all you have to do is ask. This article is an outline and needs more content. It has a templatebut there is not enough information present. Please plunge forward and help it grow! Qinhuangdao railway station is a railway station located in the city of Qinhuangdao, in Hebei, China. Preceding station, China China Railway.

An introduction of Qinhuangdao hebei china in Hebei Province with information including Qinhuangdao history, Qinhuangdao geography, Qinhuangdao climate and. Qinhuangdao is a port city on the coast of China in northeastern Hebei province. It is administratively a prefecture-level city, about km Qinhuangdao hebei china mi) east of.

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